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ALTARS are said to be the medial space between worlds. Across spiritual traditions, they are where dimensions - the upper and lower, the heavens and earth, the underworld… - meet. A place where lines are blurred. A medial state, the in between: portals to something different and unknown. The longer you sit in reverence before an ALTAR, the more it will reveal to you. And the more you will realize how much there is left to know…

ALTARS is a first-of-its-kind abstract generative project by visual artist & writer Alex (amac) Maceda. ALTARS is a collaboration between canvas and code; a project that blends physical and digital and invites you to choose not either/or, but both.

About Creator

Alex (amac) Maceda is a Filipina-American visual artist and writer based in the desert of Joshua Tree, CA. Her colorful, energetic abstract work relies on the tension between the control of the artist's hand and the chance/chaos of the physicality of painting mediums… or increasingly, the tension between artist’s hand/eye and her collaboration with generative code.

Amac is a dedicated studio-based artist who believes in the power of digital as a medium to further her explorations into consciousness, the human experience, and spirituality. She is interested in medial states, second lives, complex emotions, changing light and the way art moves us. She is a Pushcart Prize-nominated writer and one of the first artists to mint a combined writing/painting project (Desert Minis). Her work has been exhibited in Los Angeles, Portland, Joshua Tree, and Madrid (upcoming) and is available on most major NFT platforms. She is bullish on the abstract digital and abstract generative movements.

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